David Munroe

MSc (Statistics) with First Class Honours
BInfSc (Hons) with First Class Honours
BInfSc (Statistics and Computer Science)

David Munroe joined Insureware in 2005 and now leads Insureware's outstanding statistical department.

He completed an Masters degree in Statistics (with First Class Honours) from Massey University, New Zealand mid-2005. A recipient of a number of scholarships, David has an excellent academic record. His expertise in both statistics and computer science gives a solid foundation to provide modelling and data management support for Insureware's clients along with providing direction for ICRFS-Plus™ development.

In 2008, David provided on-site support and training (eight months) for one of Insureware's clients. Intensive training, modelling oversight, advice for data management, and especially automation of reports, were supplied. This project enabled significant benefits including substantial modelling efficiencies; an entire region is able to be analysed within a day allowing actuaries to focus on selecting appropriate forecast assumptions and providing critical information to management. Each year, David independently validates the selected models and provides feedback to the actuarial team.

In addition to modelling support and validation of the ICRFS-Plus™ platform, David also contributes to ICRFS-Plus™ design, marketing material, articles, website design and management, and training.

David also has programming experience in C++ including writing software for parallel processing. His Masters research also included algorithm implementation in C++ for fitting models to rainfall data, rainfall simulation, and infilling missing data.

David studied the art of Shaolin Kempo for over nine years, holds a second degree black belt, and is qualified in the use of Okinawan weaponry. He is also interested in music (grade 8 piano), literature, photography, and self sufficiency.

Articles and advertorials

  • Munroe, D., Odell, D. The One-Year Risk Horizon - A Solution, The Actuary UK, May 2010
  • Munroe, D., Odell, D. About the bootstrap, The Actuary UK, December 2009
  • Munroe, D. Guide to the paper "Best Estimates for Reserves", Insureware website, 2009

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