ICRFS™ Demonstration videos and powerpoint slide show

ICRFS™ is a tour de force of interactive software design and computational speed.

An ICRFS™ corporate database enables complete executive oversight. This means that that you will be able to find, with just a few mouse clicks:

  • models and reports for any segment of your business in any country,
  • the actuary modeling that segment of the business,
  • capital allocation by LOB and calendar year,
  • reserve risk charge and underwriting risk charge for the aggregate of LOBs,
  • whether outward reinsurance is effective in respect of reducing retained risk,
  • and more!

Rather than store data in spreadsheets, all actuarial related data are stored in ICRFS™ databases – including any models, forecast scenarios, and any other data related to actuarial requirements. The data can either be stored in Insureware’s proprietary format within the database (imported), or linked directly to claims data warehouses where structured tables in the ICRFS™ Open Data Architecture (IODA) format have been created allowing ICRFS™ to query the data warehouses directly and create loss development arrays on the fly.

ICRFS™ also includes metrics and calculations essential for IFRS 17 - including the calendar year liability stream, forecast scenario tracking, and distinguishing between earned premium and unearned premium.

Insureware's solution to the one year risk horizon, relevant for Solvency II Capital Requirements (SCR), Market Value Margins (Risk Margins) and Technical Provisions (Fair Value of Liabilities), for the aggregate of multiple LOBs, is covered in video chapter 5. Solvency II Capital requirements for each LOB and the aggregate of all LOBs are only met by ICRFS™ in a sound statistical framework.

View the videos below to experience the numerous unique benefits and applications afforded by the paradigm shift from link ratios to measuring trends. Some of the (real) case studies modelled in the videos are also discussed briefly in the ICRFS™ brochures. These videos are arranged in logical order so it is important that you view them that way.

For additional information on new functionality in ICRFS™ - click here.


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