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Insureware Pty. Ltd.

Insureware is not your typical long-tail liability risk management firm.

We create and support the only comprehensive, enterprise wide, long-tail liability risk management software in the world. Our flagship software, ICRFS™, is small-footprint, intuitive and graphic, very fast, rapidly implemented and hassle-free.

Additional consulting services include advice on loss reserving, pricing, risk based capital, optimal capital allocation, diversification and reinsurance. Dr Ben Zehnwirth also advises on mergers and acquisitions.

R&D focused

More than 75% of the Insureware's expenditure is on R&D.

Our methodologies are developed by our team of world-class statisticians who have published widely in preeminent statistical journals. We originated many of the ideas that the industry now aspires to.

The wealth of risk metrics for multiple LOBs allows companies to:

  • Understand the drivers of past experience and foresee their effects on future metrics,
  • Grasp the complete perspective of multiple liability streams,
  • Calculate correlations, risk diversification and Solvency II risk metrics, and
  • Gain strategic advantages over competitors.

Collaborative partnerships

Collaborative partnerships are created between Insureware and each client.

This partnership enables the development of internal business knowledge arising from use of the ICRFS™ software suite and correspondence with Insureware. Interaction often forms a catalyst for Insureware research and development allowing new benefits and applications to be incorporated into upgrades of Insureware's software suite.

Unequalled experience

The company's culture and technology are unmatched by other solution providers as:

  • Our actuarial software and consulting solutions are based on a very strong statistical foundation;
  • Many staff members have published widely in pre-eminent statistical journals;
  • Knowledge and experience have been built up over many years based on high-level research and development and feedback from our global clients;
  • Research and development solutions are transformed into practical tools that can be used by non-statisticians;
  • Software support is available with responses within one working day;
  • Webex sessions are provided where appropriate as part of the support service.

Insureware's creative solutions and services provides subscribers with a strategic edge.

Commitment to education

Insureware has also made significant contributions to the statistical education of actuaries.

Our contributions to actuarial methodology have been on the CAS Syllabus of Examinations.

Insureware has also published several educational brochures on:

  • Solvency II
  • Correlations and common drivers
  • Link Ratios, Mack, Murphy, Over-Dispersed Poisson, and the bootstrap technique

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