Long-tail LoB insurance risk metrics

...tailored to your company's experience

Read further to see how Insureware's software solutions can help you quickly:

  • find the optimal statistical model,
  • obtain the right risk metrics for ORSA or Solvency II,
  • meet IFRS 17 requirements,
  • assess optimal Reinsurance programs,
  • have data available for analysis,
  • provide solid, supporting evidence.

Need to know what risk metrics should be considered?

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Innovative statistical solutions for P&C insurance

The wealth of risk metrics and charts found in ICRFS-Plus

Insureware's software solutions are:

  • small-footprint;
  • intuitive;
  • very fast; and
  • rapidly implemented enterprise wide.

Data, models, and notes are all stored in easy-to-navigate databases.

One composite model for the whole company.

Intelligent modeling wizards quickly generate starting models.

Long-tail liability risk metrics obtained from the modeling frameworks are customized to your company's experience.

Make actuarial analysis pleasurable.


Long-tail liability risk metrics guide

Insureware has created a guide detailing seven key risk metrics critical to any P&C Insurance analysis.

Short discussions, with illustrative examples, describe the necessary measurements for quantifying:

Relational Database Brochure

  • Social inflation and economic inflation;
  • Accident year drivers;
  • Calendar year drivers;
  • Correlations: parameter, volatility, and reserve;
  • Diagnostics and model validation;
  • Liability stream distributions; and
  • Risk capital allocation.

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