Long-tail LoB insurance risk metrics

...tailored to your company's experience

Read further to see how Insureware's software solutions can help you quickly:

  • find the optimal statistical model,
  • obtain the right risk metrics,
  • meet IFRS 17 requirements,
  • assess optimal Reinsurance programs,
  • have data available for analysis,
  • provide solid, supporting evidence.

Need to know what risk metrics should be considered?

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Innovative statistical solutions for P&C insurance

The wealth of risk metrics and charts found in ICRFS-Plus

Insureware's software solutions are:

  • small-footprint;
  • intuitive;
  • very fast; and
  • rapidly implemented enterprise wide.

Data, models, and notes are all stored in easy-to-navigate databases.

One composite model for the whole company.

Intelligent modeling wizards quickly generate starting models.

Long-tail liability risk metrics obtained from the modeling frameworks are customized to your company's experience.

Make actuarial analysis pleasurable.


Long-tail liability risk metrics guide

Insureware has created a guide detailing seven key risk metrics critical to any P&C Insurance analysis.

Short discussions, with illustrative examples, describe the necessary measurements for quantifying:

Relational Database Brochure

  • Social inflation and economic inflation;
  • Accident year drivers;
  • Calendar year drivers;
  • Correlations: parameter, volatility, and reserve;
  • Diagnostics and model validation;
  • Liability stream distributions; and
  • Risk capital allocation.

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ICRFS™ product families


ICRFS-Plus Software Solution

ICRFS™ is a high-powered analytical and data management system. Designed with the P&C actuary and senior executives in mind, results are delivered in seconds.

Identified models in the Probabilistic Trend Family (PTF) and Multiple Probabilistic Trend Family (MPTF) modeling frameworks describe the trends in the three directions (development, accident, and calendar) along with the volatility around the trends.

ICRFS™ also includes all the familiar actuarial methods like Mack, the Bootstrap Technique, Volume Weighted Averages (Chain Ladder Ratios), and many others.

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