Long-tail LoB insurance risk metrics

...tailored to your company's experience

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Innovative statistical solutions for P&C re/insurance (long-tail lines)

The wealth of risk metrics and charts found in ICRFS-Plus

Insureware's software solutions are:

  • small-footprint;
  • intuitive;
  • very fast; and
  • rapidly implemented enterprise wide.

Data, models, and notes are all stored in easy-to-navigate databases.

One composite model for the whole company.

Intelligent modeling wizards quickly generate starting models.

Long-tail liability risk metrics obtained from the modeling frameworks are
customized to your company's experience.

Solutions for Solvency II, ORSA, Risk capital, Net of Reinsurance, and much more!

Make actuarial analysis pleasurable.


7 Reasons to ditch link ratios

Link ratios cannot measure calendar year trends

  • The assumptions are rarely met by the data
  • No insight into trends in the business
  • Too slow to review
  • No connection to the risk characteristics of the data
  • No early warning system
  • No way to determine whether an answer is good, bad, or ugly

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