Dr. David Odell

Ph.D. (Pure Math.)
Grad. Dip (Stats.)
B.Litt. (Hons., Eng. Lit.)
M.A. (Math.)
B.A. (Math.)

Dr Odell has a Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics from Cornell University in New York, and graduate degrees in Statistics and in Literature from Melbourne University, where he was employed as a Tutor and Research Fellow before joining Insureware.

His research interests and teaching experience extend over many fields including Computing Theory, Mathematical Finance, Cryptography, and Spatial Statistics.

At Melbourne University he ran a Problem Solving Group for undergraduates and Graduate students to hone their analytic skills, and remains committed to communicating the usefulness and beauty of mathematics for solving real-world problems.

In addition to work he reads widely, enjoys most kinds of music from country to opera and classical, and tries to keep up with cinema.

Computing Experience:

  • Statistical analysis in S-Plus, R, WinBUGS, and Minitab.
  • Mathematical programming and simulations in MatLab, Mathematica, and Python.
  • Theoretical work with Turing machines.


  • "On Spatial thinning-replacement point processes based on Voronoi cells", with K.A.Borovkov, Advances in Applied Probability (SGSA) Vol. 39,1-14, (2007).
  • "Simulation Studies of Some Voronoi Point Processes", with K.A.Borovkov, Acta Applicandae Mathematicae Vol.96, N.1-3,87-97 (2007).

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