Igor Goldenberg

M.Sc(Applied Mathematics & Computer Science)

Igor Goldenberg, Insureware's IT Manager and Chief Software Engineer.

He completed a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Moscow Engineer Academy in 1992 with outstanding results (high distinctions in all subjects).

Igor joined Insureware in 1994 and leads Insureware's high calibre software development team.

His expertise in mathematics and statistics, blended with his extensive knowledge of all facets of software design, implementation and integration, puts him in an ideal position to oversee and lead all stages of ICRFS-Plus™ development.

Igor has been responsible for ICRFS-Plus™ development since the first Windows (released in 1995).

Igor pioneered development of major ICRFS-Plus™ areas, such as PTF, PALD & ELRF and was instrumental in development of Solvency II module.


During his school years Igor was awarded a bronze medal at the USSR math Olympiad.


  • Igor is International Master, a title given to outstanding chess players by the FIDE (World Chess Federation).
  • Igor is four time Victorian Champion and regarded as one of the leading Chess players in Australia.

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