Jasper Bear

BSc Electronics Engineering (Hons) 1984
MSc Telecommunications 1987, UK
PhD Telecommunications 1992, UK

Under the disguise of a geeky harmless computer nerd, Jasper is a nice, sociable and fun-loving mature guy with a good sense of humour, who knows a thing a two about computers and can program.

Brought up in UNIX/C/C++ environment back in the 1980s while doing his MSc and PhD in telecommunications at University of Essex, UK, Jasper has had a wide variety of experiences in commercial development in different industries on many major technology platforms during the past 2 decades.

As an advanced versatile polyglot programmer, he writes clean, efficient and logical code in languages including C/C++, Java, SQL, PHP, Ruby, and Clojure, with disciplined application of proven software engineering principles whether it's database, procedurel, OO, event-driven or functional.

As a technology nerd, Jasper loves web cloud stuff (AWS, LAMP, HTML/Javascript/CSS, etc), excels at high level integration, using modern scripting tools to glue together various technology jigsaw pieces.

As a creative problem solver, Jasper is very good at troubleshooting, can quickly isolate, locate and fix those hard to track bugs in complex systems. Jasper first joined Insureware as a Senior Software Engineer back in 2000 and has maintained a strong link with Insureware since. After a brief stint at running his own web development business, He has recently re-joined Insureware and is eager to put what he knows into good use.

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