Training Videos for ELRF™ Best's Schedule P

The videos are split into multiple sections. We recommend viewing the videos in the order listed. Any questions or comments can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Database videos

ELRF™ Best's Schedule P comes pre-loaded with the Best's Financial Suite - P/C, US data ready for analysis.

1.1 Introduction to ELRF™ Best's Schedule P

The video provides a brief overview of the application and the data accessible for analytics within the application.

1.2 Database navigation

The first training video shows how to:

  • Navigate the ELRF™ Best's Schedule P database via tree view, query view, and searching by name;
  • Sort the list of triangle groups by a financial metric such as Reserves Held or Survival Ratio; and
  • Create new variables and values.

1.2 Inside Triangle Groups

In the second training video we discuss:

  • The contents of a triangle group including Net and Gross data;
  • The type of data that are imported;
  • The various tabs (models, datasets, triangles, ...);

Analytics: Extended Link Ratio Family and Link Ratio Techniques Overview

ELRF™ Best's Schedule P also includes the Extended Link Ratio Family modeling frameworks and the Link Ratio Techniques module. These two modules are discussed in detail in Insureware's Link Ratio brochure.

In the third training video we introduce the Extended Link Ratio Family (ELRF) modeling framework. The modeling tools are examined in the context of a Best's Financial Suite - P/C, US triangle.

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