Insureware's Research and Development Team

Insureware has a dedicated Research and Development team of 15 people, including seven statisticians and six programmers.

Seven of Insureware staff hold PhDs. They have published widely in eminent global statistical journals and actuarial journals.

Insureware has made contributions to new statistical methodologies, with publications in some of the world’s eminent statistical journals, including:

  • Journal of the American Statistical Association,
  • Annals of Statistics,
  • International Journal of Forecasting,
  • Journal of Time Series,
  • Journal of Econometrics,
  • Journal of Multivariate Analysis, and
  • Communications in Statistics.

Some of these publications have had a major impact on statistical science and have been cited by other statisticians very favourably.

Insureware staff have also published articles in international actuarial journals including:

  • Journal of Risk and Insurance,
  • North American Actuarial Journal, and the 
  • British Actuarial Journal.

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